Thursday, May 9th to Saturday, May 11th at silent green and beyond.

A MAZE. Connect is an innovative event format that consists of specially designed event modules that are part of A MAZE. / Berlin. A MAZE. Connect will be the connecting piece of the puzzle that offers an international platform for the Berlin games and playful media community and the digitally creative local cultural scene. This platform focuses on business-oriented exchange and networking and is a perfect complement to the vision of A MAZE.: to connect games, culture and business more closely. A MAZE. Connect includes the festival modules A MAZE. Steamfest, A MAZE. Bazaar - 5th International Arthouse Games Market, A MAZE. Village, and the networking event A MAZE. / INVITES on May 9th.

A MAZE. is very happy to be awarded as part of the Innovative Formats 2024 competition of the Berlin Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Enterprises.

A MAZE. SteamFest

A MAZE. SteamFest is the gateway to end consumers to view our games selection for the A MAZE. Awards (2012-2024) and the participants in A MAZE. Village.

A MAZE. Bazaar

A MAZE. Bazaar - International Arthouse Games Market is a marketplace for pitching and getting to know each other. Participants are invited to the 2 days A MAZE. To use the Bazaar program in the Mars Restaurant in Silent Green to find further contacts via MeetToMatch (networking software) and to take part in business, platform and funding-specific talks and workshops.

A MAZE. / Invites

A MAZE. / Invites is the networking event that brings together nominees, speakers, publishers, the Berlin game scene, the independent cultural scene and targeted people from cultural institutions and funding policy. This module is curated with content that provides impetus for the necessary networking of the games and culture industries.

A MAZE. Village

A MAZE. Village is the location in the festival exhibition in Silent Green, which offers a permanent presentation location for game studios, umbrella organizations, collectives, institutions, publishers, universities, schools and technology companies.


A MAZE. SPACE / A MAZE. / STAIRS is a virtual online multiplayer application to connect with international communities who cannot be there. In 2024, the space will be built in WebGL to enable faster access and follow the festival program.