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Amazing x-m4rk3t

AMAZING X-M4RK3T on Saturday May 11, 2024.

The AMAZING X-M4RK3T is a place where you can find self-produced geeky stuff from independent creators and vendors who are selling unique items from the internet, 3d-printed characters, home-brewed experimental videogames, selfmade synths, services (like pixelart, lofi mocap, 3D scanning), boardgames, digital toys, robots, OSTs, all kinds of wearables, postcards from VR, maga fanzines, illustrations, paintings, books, clothes.

Please find all info, following the registration link.

The AMAZING X-M4RK3T is embedded during the big public play day of the A MAZE. / Berlin Festival - 13th International Games and Playful Media Festival at silent green. On Saturday we have a cool programme of talk, workshops, performances, exhibitions, and concert.

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