Open Screens | Pixel



Berlin, Germany


2024-05-09 / 18:00


Today’s screens, by creating ever-increasing pixel densities, the pixel is completely overlooked. This experimental game, on the other hand, gives it prominence and even in displays of extremely high density and resources barely perceived by the human eye, the pixel is staged, which is the minimum representation of any digital work.

Since each element in the game is represented by a pixel, this is also the largest element in the interface; there is nothing else: there is no visible score, there is no running time, only pixels. The whole game can represent a classic game of ships, or also a person struggling in vain against the heat of the planet, or whatever each player can imagine. The pixels agree to be representatives of whatever players want.

Pixel seeks that when you play, you can perceive the power of what you are moving, of what appears to be a minimal glimpse of light and at the same time is the fundamental piece of everything that is digitally represented on a screen.

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