All Live performances at A MAZE. / Berlin 2024.

Location: silent green, HAU2 & Panke.



Future Dance of Nostalgia by Kexin Hao and Ludmila Rodrigues

Wednesday May 8, 8:45pm at silent green, Betonhalle

Future Dance of Nostalgia is a dancing game which invites the audience to perform the choreography that extracts and abstracts the movements found in the pre-industrial, heavy physical labour, and work songs. Motion tracking technology allows the body movements to be quantified, measured, and evaluated. Historical archives of work songs provide the inspiration for the music that renders the old tales and melodies into clubbing beats that lead the dance.

Autonomous Avatar by Tobias Staab

Thursday May 9, 9pm at silent green, Kuppelhalle

Can machines learn on their own? Is an algorithm able to hallucinate? What if our lives were just a computer’s dream? The hybrid dance performance AUTONOMOUS AVATAR deals with these questions. Two performers discover their human bodies until they transcend into superhuman forms. The encounter with these new digital deities takes place on the threshold between analog and virtual realities. Berlin-based artist Tobias Staab has developed the choreography together with the dancers Dasniya Sommer and Corey Scott-Gilbert. Using live motion capture technology, their organic physiognomies are combined with the immaterial bodies of the avatars. The texts were created on the basis of a story by Jorge Luis Borges and in close collaboration with various artificial intelligences. The spoken and sung sounds derive from a number of voice recordings made with the award winning actress Sandra Hüller. The score was conceived and arranged by composer Beni Brachtel. → More info

Fever Loop Fountain #1: The Life of Saint Fiona Bianco Xena by Fantasia Malware

Saturday May 11, 8pm at HAU2

The Life of Saint Fiona Bianco Xena” tells the controversial life story of the fictional Saint Fiona. Three experts on their sacred history fight over the right to determine their heritage. Who was Fiona? DIY hormone hacker and trans revolutionary? World-famous orchid collector or mythical figure? The three members of Fantasia Malware are at the mercy of the video game systems they have built to control their performance. They debate, dance and rumble, answer quiz questions and summon dead spirits in a wild battle royale*. Saint Fiona Bianco Xena’s story is presented in an unholy panorama that is at once holy and absurd. → More info

Only with extra performance Ticket.


Music - Wed 08.05

Igor Simic and Shane Berry

May 8, 9pm at silent green, Betonhalle → More info

DJ Chris Hurf

May 8, 10pm at Panke


May 8, 11pm at Panke → More info


May 8, 12am at Panke → More info

Kappa Cat

May 8, 1am at Panke


Music - Thu 09.05

Super Open Sound System by Sos

May 9, 10pm-2am at Panke Wanna DJ? - just submit → More info


Music - Fri 10.05

Manu Louis

May 10, 10pm at Panke → More info

Joonas Turner

May 10, 11pm at Panke Go Mecha Ball Set


May 10, 12am at Panke → More info

Daisy Ray

May 10, 1am at Panke → More info


May 10, 2am at Panke → More info


Music - Sat 11.05


May 11, 7pm at Silent Green* → More info


May 11, 10pm at Panke → More info

Meth Math

May 11, 11pm at Panke* → More info


May 11, 12am at Panke → More info

*Only with Extra performance Ticket, or full festival ticket, or the public play day ticket.